About Us


What is the story?

Well, about 15 years ago, a bored calltaker working night shift made a website on a free yahoo page, to store all the links to his favorite sites to pass the time between 9-1-1 calls. This soon became the domain vinniemiller.com as he started adding family photos and ran out of space. This soon became photos while out with friends seeing cover bands and photos of incidents and events involving the emergency services, It had a moderate following for those looking for stuff to surf the web from one place.

Life happened and time became less, so he decided to let the site go. He's regretted it since, especially when it was taken hostage by someone in Asia, and sold enlargement pills or something, to the cost of $15,000. Great news! I didn't need any pills and had more patience. So, it's back!


What to Expect.

Well, don't expect much. I still have only so much time, So, me squirreling calls will not be as much as when I was younger. But I will post what I can to keep people entertained. I need to find my old saved pages and update links to share the one-stop shopping for those bored browsers. 

Right now, I am using a free trial on a web builder, but I hope to keep it up as much as I can. Thanks for stopping!

BUT HEY! One thing for organizations who want to use my pics,.... just give me credit. That's all I ask. 



11-01-19 MVC I-95/Route 896, Newark, DE

Aetna with NCC*EMS and multiple NCC Special Ops

07-12-19 Pole Bridge Road MVC with Fire, Odessa

Odessa FC with Port Penn FC, Middletown FC, and NCC*EMS

06-07-19 MVC Route 9/I-295, New Castle, DE

Hollway Terrace & Minquadale with Goodwill, Cranston Heights, NCC*EMS, & DSP Trooper 4

08-25-18 UD Haz Mat, Newark Technology Park, Newark, DE

Newark, UD Response, and NCC Haz Mat Team

08-17-18 Animal Water Rescue, Smalleys Dam Rd, Christiana, DE

Christiana FC with NCC SWRT


12-17-19 Augustine Wildlife Preserve Mud Rescue

Hunter rescued from mud while prepping for hunt. Port Penn FC, Delaware City FC, NCC Swiftwater (Goodwill New Castle, Townsend, Holloway Terrace), the NCC Paramedics and DSP Trooper 4.

01-31-19 Bunker Hill Road House Fire, New Castle, DE

Goodwill of New Castle, House Fire with May Day, Multiple companies assisting.

01-15-19 Stanton Christiana Road Mutil-Alarm Fire, Stanton, DE

Mill Creek Fire co first due. 

07-21-07 Matlack St. and Route 202 MVC

WCFD, GFAC, Medic 91 and Goshen EMS

02-20-06 West Valley Road, Tredyffrin Twp. House Fire (Throwback)

Fatal House Fire. Berywn FC, Radnor FC. 

08-24-06 Brown Lane House Fire, Radnor Twp House Fire (Throw Back)

Radnor, Bryn Mawr, Berwyn, Gladwyne and Narberth EMS.

01/21/06 Newtown Rd. House Fire, Radnor Twp

Radnor FC with multiple Mutual Aid

05/08/05 Front St. Phillipsburg, Pa

Hope FC and Reliance FC, plus mutual aid

06/12/04 Brownies 23 East - Live Band

Laura Lea and Tripp Fabulous

05/20/04 McFaddens Acoustic Night

Jefe, Brent and Josh

03/30/04 MVC Phoenixville Pike, East Whiteland

East Whiteland FC & Malvern EMS Overturned Vehicle

Berwyn Fire Co 100th Anniversary (1993)

Check out this video I made while in the T/E TV News program at Conestoga High School for the 100th Anniversary. (Intro by David R. Warlick. Converted to digital courtesy Chris Bullock and Mike Baskin of Masterpiece Multimedia)